How to build a treehouse in the Forest – Video

If a disaster will happen in the future, we can’t be sure we have access to modern tools. This 2 part video series shows us how to build a treehouse by using natural building materials and stone to cut and carve with.

I have found a very interesting 2 part video on youtube that will teach most of us something. This is about a Cambodian man that shows us how to build a treehouse by only using primitive technology. The house is not like the picture above but is still very functional and you can have good night sleep in the treehouse below also. In a survival situation, you will be happy for any shelter.

Why treehouse you may ask. A treehouse is, in general, safer for us humans. Most deadly animals don’t climb in trees and we will be safe for them. There are dangerous animals and snakes that climb, but to live in the trees is safer than on the ground.

When it comes to survival, it’s very important that we know how to do things with primitive technology. It can be a lifesaver for you and your family. The men in the videos are real people who live in the forest in the old way. The way most of the modern humans don’t know how to do anymore.

If you want to learn to survive in the forest, you should watch these two videos. We all have something to learn her.

Why not try to do this one time? If you have children, this is a very good exercise on how to build a treehouse.  The children can use it as a playhouse afterward. You can secure it with modern ropes afterward so the house is more secure. You will probably not be in the house often to inspect it, the house will be more robust and safe if something happens.

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