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The Essential First Aid Course, Part 3: Dressing Wounds

Benefits of dressing and bandaging wounds

A wound is a kind of injury that occurs quickly in which the victim’s skin is cut, torn, or punctured and increases the victim’s risk of contracting infections.

Dressing a wound prevents it from coming into contact with contaminants and infections. These contaminants and germs tend to enter the body through the open wound.

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Surviving a Nuclear Explosion – Nuclear Aftermath

In the penultimate section of this series, we summarized the consequences of a nuclear blast.

We were acquainted with the numerous ways radioactive fireballs are instantly emitted once a nuclear weapon is detonated and also how the multitude of the earth crust is displaced to bring about radioactivity.

In this final post, we will have a look at the vital steps that will assist you in dealing with the after-effects of a nuclear blast.

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